Piles Cure In 3 Days – Must Know Facts

“Piles cure in 3 days !!” You must have read such statements previously. Also you must have seen advertisements saying that there is a medicine or a cream or an ointment which can cure piles in 3 days. Many patients are not aware of the fact that they really what they are treating – piles or it’s associated symptom like bleeding, pain, etc. First try to understand difference between disease and it’s symptoms. If you keep treating the symptoms and not curing root cause, you will face the same problem repeatedly. The disease will keep growing.

What are piles?

Piles are like a balloon full of blood. It is a growth of blood vein. When there is friction due to constipation or dysentery in the anal canal, it will create pain and bleeding. Also, there can be severe spasm in the anal ring. So if you keep treating symptoms like pain and bleeding, it can not reduce / shrink piles size.

FAQ - Piles - Fistula -plonidal sinus - Kshar sutra

Go for examination instead of self diagnosis and self medication

Can Cream / Ointment Cure Piles in 3 days –

Any cream or ointment available in market has limited role in piles treatment. Most of the creams help to heal the ruptured pile surface and to stop the bleeding. Few have local anesthetic effect to reduce pain in the area. Also the base used for making the cream or ointment lubricates the area.

When Home Remedies and Medicines Are Effective For Piles ?

If a knowledgeable doctor after proper examination, says that the piles are at 1st or 2nd degree stage, the home remedies and Ayurvedic / Homeopathic medicines are very useful. Patient should use these remedies under doctor’s guidance. When you have 3rd or 4th degree piles, you should go for surgery or Ayurvedic Kshar sutra treatment.

Home Remedies For Piles –

Home remedies are effective in early stage to control / cure piles without surgery. Following are few home remedies –

  • Take sitz bath in warm water. This will clean the stool particles in anal area and relaxes muscles to reduce pain.
  • Don’t strain / pressure while defecation.
  • Avoid constipation – Take enough fiber food. Drink buttermilk in meals.
  • Food – Green vegetables, fruits like guava, fig, greps are useful.
  • Correct food habits – Eat slowly, drink water in between meals, drink warm water in the morning
  • Drink warm milk with ghee at sleeping time. It helps as lubricant and mild laxative.

Herbal Remedies For Piles –

This should be taken under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctor. If these remedies have limited result, consult the doctor.

  1. Aloe Vera – It helps for digestion and mild laxative. It has anti inflammatory properties. It is cool by nature.
  2. For constipation, you can use Isabgol, Triphala churn or caster oil with warm water. Dose should be decided by doctor.
  3. Application of oil in anal area can keep the area soft.

Piles Cure in 3 days – Conclusion :

Piles can’t be cured in 3 days. In early stage of piles (1st & 2nd), piles can be cured with home remedies and herbal remedies without surgery. But in 3rd and 4th stage surgical option should be considered. The meaning of “complete cure of piles” should not be limited to only relief in symptoms.