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FAQs - Piles ( Hemorrhoids )

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Here is all information related to Ayurvedic treatment for Piles, precautions, pain, risks, food restrictions, home remedy during treatment; limitations of surgery and Kshar sutra, etc.

FAQ - Piles - Fistula -plonidal sinus - Kshar sutra

Are piles curable by medicines?

Yes. The piles in 1st & 2nd stage are curable by combination of ayurvedic herbal & homoeopathic medicines.

Can hemorrhoids be cut in OPD without having stitches?

No. Be Aware of quacks in many cities of India who pretend to cut piles. As hemorrhoid is a bulging of blood vein, actual cut can cause profuse bleeding. So cutting of piles in OPD is not possible.

Does patient need to visit clinic daily for dressing after kshar sutra treatment for piles?

No. The quacks who pretend to cut piles, call patients to visit for daily dressing. This may help anal dilatation for some time. But it is not proper method for complete cure. This method is dangerous and patient may have partial cutting of pile mass.

Can any type of piles be cured by any injection?

No. There are so many quacks (unqualified persons) who claim in their advertisements that they can cure any type of piles in just one injection. They are just fooling innocent and uneducated patients. They are talking about sclerotherapy which can be used only in starting stage of internal Hemorrhoids. It plays no role in treating 3rd and 4th grade Hemorrhoids, external Hemorrhoids or any other disorder like fissure and fistula

Does the pain & bleeding always indicate piles?

No. You may have these symptoms in fissures, fistula or cancer.

When piles require surgery?

The piles in 3rd & 4th degree stage require surgery. 3rd degree piles can be controlled by medicines but can’t be cured permanently only by medicines.

What is the importance of ksharsutra treatment against surgery in piles treatment?

Ksharsutra treatment in piles can be done under local anesthesia & patient is discharged within an hour.Here no cut or stitches are taken. The ksharsutra is tied at the base of pile. So no need of general or spinal anaesthesia. After 8 to 10 days the piles get dry and shrink. They wash out during deification without any big wound.

Does Kshar sutra treatment guarantee no recurrence in future?

Any surgical or kshar sutra treatment removes hemorrhoids / piles mechanically. This helps to make anal canal normal in structure. Recurrence in future is not related to any doctor or treatment. It purely depends on patient’s body constitution and habits.

Can carcinoma (cancer) in anal part is curable by herbal or ksharsutra treatment?


Is there possibility of piles without symptoms like bleeding or pain?


Does the pain & bleeding always indicate piles?

No. You may have these symptoms in fissure, fistula or cancer.

Does ksharsutra treatment has any allergy or side effects?

Absolutely no side effects.

Will the liquid diet help piles?

Not always. Take all type of food as per your appetite only. Eat only when you are hungry & drink water only when you are thirsty. Also the quantity & proportion of liquid & solid food is important.