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Piles - Fistula - Pilonidal sinus -Clinic

Fistula Treatment and Pilonidal sinus Treatment are always a big challenge to cure since long time.  Don’t assume that pain or bleeding in anal area is due to piles. Because there are 4-5 diseases which can create pain in anus. Also it’s better to get examined and diagnosed by a specialist doctor in near by area.  Online consultation with Dr. Prasad Bapat is possible. Don’t do self medication on the basis on half knowledge. 

Dr. Prasad Bapat has simplified the  complex surgical methods for Anal Fistula and Pilonidal sinus.

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Evidence Based Ayurvedic Treatments

Fistula Treatment is always a big challenge to cure since long time. One study showed that the prevalence of fistula-in-ano is 8.6 cases per 100,000 population. Another study says, United States, nearly 70,000 patients found each year.

Modern science has kept it’s search for a technique open to assure permanent cure. They tried to improved cutting tools for surgery and replaced scissors / blades to laser. But they kept their focus on the concept that ‘only on removal of infection is enough’. If that is enough modern science must have assured cure.

Our 21 years research has simplified complex modern surgery to a non surgical day care procedure. This has made it possible to cure fistula and pilonidal cyst without surgery and without antibiotics. Success rate is more than 90% . We have kept all necessary records ( pictures, videos, documents ) to prove our claim of cure without surgery.

Treating / removing the infection around anus / tail bone (which may be due to anal fistula / perianal abscess or pilonidal sinus) may not be enough. We focus on treating the root cause of the disease resulting in a the best solution for your health problem. Our aim is to bring authentic Ayurveda to cure without surgery.

We think one step ahead of all. Our special technique of Kshar sutra treatment works on following points –

  • Removal of infection
  • Destruction of fistula / pilonidal sinus structure
  • Creation of healthy tissue