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Fistula | Piles | Pilonidal sinus | Kshar sutra

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Fistula | Piles | Pilonidal sinus | Kshar sutra

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The testimonials given below are few of some special / complicated cases. This is an attempt of our patients to encourage & give hopes to others. Also they guide others to avoid mistakes done by them. I thank to all for their testimonials, blessings & support in my efforts to cure fistula & pilonidal sinus permanently without surgery. 

 – Dr. Prasad Bapat

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1) Recto Vaginal Fistula ( 5 surgeries failed )

I am 36 years woman & was suffering from recto vaginal fistula since 6 years. This disease spoiled my life. I attempted all advanced surgical techniques in USA & India. Not cured after 3 surgeries + kshar sutra treatment + V.A.A.F. + other techniques. I was hoping instant & permanent relief. But all failed. After a lot of research on Google, finally I came to Dr. Bapat in Pune. His technique of kshar sutra insertion was very gentle than my previous experience. I am free from fistula after completing 6 weeks treatment. The whole procedure was under local anesthesia only. No antibiotics at all. I was able to travel in India. I firmly recommend patients from all over the world not to hesitate & waste their precious time. Get cured from Dr. Bapat’s special technique of ksharsutra treatment. I wasted a lot of money before coming to Dr. Bapat. From my previous bad experiences of kshar sutra treatment (in other state of India), I realised that Dr. Bapat has developed some revolutionary changes in this treatment. He is using the same ancient Ayurvedic concepts but with new , modern technology. He has photo record of all patients. I think this is the only hope for patients of fistula & pilonidal sinus. I have no words to thank Dr. Bapat for his efforts.

– Miss Eunice (USA)

2) Fistula with multiple openings ( 7 surgeries in 14 years ) -

Dr. Bapat is an amazing man and a gifted healer. I am from the United States. 14 years ago, I had Crohn’s disease. Within two months, I went for emergency life-saving surgery to remove my large intestine. The surgery was successful, but never healed my fistula. An infection spread through the muscle and created a 9cm fistula. I had 4 surgeries over the next 5 years in the U.S. to fix this, and they all failed to conquer this terrible condition. I read about Ksharsutra and sent email to Ayurvedic clinics all over India looking for help. From all, I chose Dr. Bapat due to his warm and compassionate attitude and passion for healing. After 9 weeks of treatments, I am free from fistulas! This has been an amazing journey that has forever changed my life. Thank you, Dr. Bapat! NO MORE SUFFERING! You have blessed my life with a miracle. My very best to you and all those that will benefit from your care.

– Anthony (USA)

3) Fistula in ano with multiple branches -

My fistula developed after a surgery for an abscess. My doctors in Canada advised multiple surgeries to cure it. They were not sure. It was very concerning and that point I started to look into Ayurveda options. I found Dr. Bapat and gave him a call. Right from the beginning Dr. Bapat sounded very experienced and was confident to cure me. I started my treatment on the next day after arriving in India. During the procedure, he was very patient, diligent and had knowledge of what he was doing. He encouraged me to live a normal life even during the treatment. I was travelling across India between my weekly visits to him. This made things much easier. I’m cured and have been living pain free. I am cured without surgery, antibiotics, bed rest. I will recommend to all foreign patients to get benefit of Dr. Bapat’s research. I want to thank Dr. Bapat. He was so competent and caring. Thank you Dr. Bapat.

– Rishi (Canada)

4) Abscess + Fistula in ano -

I was suffering from abscess & fistula since 3 months. I consulted surgeons in Dubai. They advised me surgery, but no assurance of permanent cure.while searching alternative to surgery, I saw Dr. Bapat’s website. I consulted him & got confidence of permanent cure. I am cured in 7 weeks without antibiotics & hospitalization. This is the miracle of Dr. Bapat’s technique. Thanks to Dr. Bapat

– Abhishek (Dubai)

5) Low anal fistula -

I am 26 yr old from Mumbai. I was suffering fistula in ano ( 5cm ). I was shocked and depressed. I was unable to go for a job offer from a the big IT firm from Malaysia. I had given up all the hopes of this opportunity due to fistula. One of my friend told me about Dr. Prasad Bapat, who is one of the great kshar sutra specialist in India. I told all this condition to Dr. Bapat. He not only gave me the best treatment but also helped me to get totally fit to grab my job offer. I strictly followed all the instructions given by Dr. Bapat and got cured in 6 weeks without antibiotics or hospitalization. Now I am in Malaysia. I want to express my gratitude & best wishes to Dr. Prasad Bapat.

– Tushar ( Kuala lumpur, Malaysia )

6) Recto vaginal fistula with Crohn's disease -

I am 61 years old doctor. I was suffering from Crohn’s disease since many years. Also I suffered from recto vaginal fistula with 6 external opening since 5 years. I knew that surgery & antibiotics can’t cure me permanently. So I was looking for alternative treatment. I have an allergy of painkiller drugs also. I gone for ksharsutra treatment by Dr. Prasad Bapat. There were 4 different fistula tracks. In 10 weeks, I am completely cured without antibiotics. As an allopathic doctor this is a miracle for me. I am satisfied with the treatment. Thanks Dr. Bapat for preserving our ancient kshar sutra treatment.


– Mrs. R. Ghosh ( Kolkata )

7) Complex horse shoe shape fistula -

I am 36 years software engineer. I was suffering from complex anal fistula. I undergone two surgeries, separately on both sides of buttock. The wound never healed. As a last hope I meet Dr. Bapat for kshar-sutra treatment. After fistulogram I realized that there was a third blind track in addition to the horse shoe shape fistula. Dr. Bapat inserted ksharsutra in fistula tract by his special technique. I was discharged within a hour. I am totally cured in 3 months without antibiotics. Dr. Bapat took follow up for 6 months. Thanks to Dr. Bapat

– Rahul Kendale ( Pune )

8) Pilonidal sinus & fistula -

I am 50 years service man. I had an abscess on my lower back. I went for surgery in my city. But 3 surgeries failed to cure my pilonidal sinus. I read the article of Dr. Bapat in news paper & visited his clinic. Fistulogram showed 10 cm pilonidal sinus. During examination Dr. Bapat observed that the sinus was 12cm has got converted in to fistula. I followed doctor’s treatment and instructions. The wound got healed without antibiotics. Thanks to Dr. Bapat for keeping the ancient ayurvedic ksharsutra therapy alive.

– Suhas Joshi ( Baramati )

9) Fissure in ano -

I am 30 years professional. I was suffering from fissure since 3 years. I went for a wrong surgery by a near by Bengali doctor( ? ) After that my pain increased very much. I feared about the surgery & made my mind to live with this disease. But when I done anal dilatation by Dr. Bapat, I recovered within 10 days . I was impressed by the technique of Dr. Bapat.

– Prem Khade ( Dhayari, Pune )

10) Pilonidal sinus with 3 tracks in mentally retarded patient -

My son is 21 years old & mentally retarded. He had pilonidal sinus since 2 years. We cancelled surgical procedure due to epilepsy attack on the day of sugery. Also doctors are not assuring us permanent cure. I got reference of Dr. Bapat & consulted him. He assured us. After 3 months of KSHARSUTRA treatment,my son is cured permanently. Due to my son’s critical health history, we were worried about him. But Dr. Bapat handled the case very skillfully. We never required hospitalization, antibiotics or bed rest. Thanks to Dr. Bapat & Ayurveda for Kshar sutra treatment. Everyone should take advantage of this non surgical treatment.

– Mr. Gavali ( Sangavi, Pune )

11) Horseshoe shape fistula -

I am professor in engineering collage & my age is 45 years. I was suffering from horse shoe shape fistula since 2 years. As my wife is doctor, I tried all types of medicines & finally got operated by a surgeon. I insisted the surgeon for KSHARSUTRA treatment & he assured me to tie ksharsutra after surgery. But me & my wife were not aware of what was done there. After 2 months I came to know that my surgery was failed. My whole family was disturbed especially my wife. She was in depression as she is doctor & unable to cure me. Then I heard about Dr. Bapat & I did proper ksharsutra treatment in his clinic. I learned that the result of this treatment depend upon the manufacturing of the thread & the correct insertion of the thread in the fistula tract. I am fistula free now. God bless Dr. Bapat

– Gajanan Patil ( Navi Sangavi, Pune )

12) Fistula in ano -

I am 39 years old male & was suffering from fistula. I purposely approached to H.O.D. of surgery of an ayurvedic collage for ksharsutra treatment. He operated under spinal anesthesia in his private hospital. The wound didn’t healed in 2 months. Then I consulted to Dr. Bapat telling the previous experience. He advised fistulogram & did the ksharsutra treatment. No admission, no dressing, no bed rest was magic for me. The wound totally healed in 2 months.

– Parag Patwardhan ( Kothrud ,Pune )

13) Interno External Piles -

I was suffering from 3rd degree internal piles since 8 years. I tried allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic medicines. But the piles protrude during defecation & bleed recurrently. I did kshar sutra treatment in Dr. Bapat’s clinic. After 10 days I joined my office. My age is 37 years & now I can eat all my favorite food.

– Mangesh Kulkarni ( Paud Road, Pune )

14) Complicated fistula -

I am 54 years old businessman having busy schedule. I suffered from fistula. In fistulagram, Dr. Bapat realized that I had a very complicated structure of fistula having ‘ F’ shape; upper end not communication with anal canal .But with his special method he inserted ksharsutra in that track without anesthesia without pain. After 2 months, I am happy to get cured without big wound, antibiotics, etc.

– Kamalesh Naik ( Navi Peth , Pune )

15) Multiple opening fistula -

I am great believer of ayurveda. When I had pain & itching in anal region I consulted to well known ayurvedic doctor. He examined ” nadi ” & gave medicines without actually examining anal region. I faithfully took the medicines for more than 4 months but got no result. Dr. Bapat examined the anal region & found 3 different fistula tracks with common internal opening & separate external openings. I was shocked by seeing the photo. Dr. Bapat successfully cured me by ksharsutra treatment. I am grateful to him for my today’s good health.

– Mrs. Bangade ( Pune )

16) Recurrent Fistula -

I am 28 years old male & suffering from fistula since 4 years. I am waiter in koyna nagar bus stand hotel. I operated in my nearby hospital & paid the bills by borrowing the money from relatives. The disease wasn’t cured. I came to Pune & told Dr. Bapat my weak financial condition. I followed his treatment and cured. He gave me God’s hand to return to my normal life.

– Aravind Kadam ( Patana, Satara )

17) Big Fistula -

I am 73 years old heart patient. I was suffering from fistula. I had 2 operations in 2 different top most hospitals in Pune. I spend a lot of money hoping to cure. I met Dr. Bapat as a final attempt to get rid of this disease. Due to 2 operations the fistula track was 5cm long & 1cm in diameter. Dr. Bapat took my case as a challenge & cured me from the ugly disease. Now Dr. Bapat is an angle for me who return happiness to my life.

– Shamrao Sawakhande ( Dattawadi, Pune )

18) Fistula + Diabetes -

I am 62 years diabetic patient suffering from fistula since 5 years. I had ksharsutra treatment in Dr. Bapat’s clinic. I am cured in 8 weeks.Thanks to Dr. Bapat.

–  Manohar Naik ( Kolhapur )

19) Internal Fistula ( no external opening ) -

I am great believer of ayurveda. When I had pain & itching in anal region I consulted to well known ayurvedic doctor. He examined ” nadi ” & gave medicines without actually examining anal region. I faithfully took the medicines for more than 4 months but got no result. Dr. Bapat examined the anal region & found 3 different fistula tracks with common internal opening & separate external openings. I was shocked by seeing the photo. Dr. Bapat successfully cured me by ksharsutra treatment. I am grateful to him for my today’s good health.

– Sanjay Raut ( Pune )

20) Pilonidal sinus -

I am 30 years old engineer in Mumbai. I was suffering from pilonidal sinus since 2 years. I searched a lot on internet for permanent cure of pilonidal sinus. Finally I got confidence on Dr. Bapat & I did ksharsutra treatment. In 6 weeks I was cured without pain, dressing & antibiotics.

– Raghvendra Sing ( Chembur, Mumbai )

21) Small Fistula -

I am 72 years old women. I never heard about fistula. When I had pain & swelling in anal region I met my family doctor. He send me to a surgeon to remove the abscess. I went for the surgery expecting to be cured. After 3 months treatment, the wound didn’t healed. I again contacted the surgeon. He simply advised to re-operate & I was shocked. My relative advised to contact Dr. Bapat. After ksharsutra treatment in his clinic I am cured totally.

– Shubhada Joshi ( Paramhans nagar, Pune )