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Pilonidal sinus Surgery

Laser | Z-plasty | FLAP

All modern surgical techniques for pilonidal sinus are unable to assure permanent cure. The doctors and researchers always try to invent new techniques. The focus of pilonidal sinus surgery is “removal of infection” and not healthy tissue creation. They have invented new cutting tools like laser. It means they improved cutting tool for surgery. But they never changed their technique. Modern theory assumes that body will create healthy tissue with the help of antibiotics once the infection removed. Below is short information of other surgical techniques available in the world.

Warning :

This page gives  short information about available modern surgical techniques for pilonidal sinus in the world. We don’t follow this practice. We do only Kshar sutra treatment in our clinic.

Kshar sutra is the Best Treatment for Pilonidal sinus

See world’s first animated video on YouTube which explains

  • How anal pilonidal sinus is formed ?
  • Action during Kshar sutra treatment to cure pilonidal cyst.
  • In our Pune clinic, we are proud to say that we have cured those patients who were not cured by advance laser surgeries. 

* Fistula can be cured permanently without surgery.

* You can avoid surgery by this natural way. Kshar sutra treatment has low recovery time & high success rate.

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Surgical Techniques -


Under anesthesia, the infected area is cut opened. Hair, blood, pus are removed to clean the cyst.The wound is allowed to heal from the inside out with the support of dressing and antibiotics. The wound usually heals within four weeks, and many patients will require no further treatment.


(Laser Pilenido Plasty)

This is nothing but excision of infected area with the help of Leonardo laser.


After removing the abscess and sinus, the surgeon loosens triangular flaps on each side of the midline to fill the cavity, with points of flap towards the head and foot. While closing, the surgeon crosses the pointed flaps to cross the midline in a horizontal direction, thus converting an N-shaped incision to a Z-shaped closure.


These are just different surgical methods to remove infection and attempt to repair /minimise the structural damage of the area.

Phenol Injection

This is one of the outdated technique. Under anesthesia phenol (a chemical compound used as an antiseptic) is injected into the cyst. This procedure may need to be repeated several times. Eventually, this treatment will cause the lesion to harden and close. The recurrence rate after phenol injection is high. Therefore, it is becoming less common and is gradually being replaced by surgery.