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Frequently Asked Questions

Fissure in ano - Pain, Surgery, Recurrence, Treatment

Here is all information related to Ayurvedic treatment for Fissure in ano, precautions, pain, risks, food restrictions, home remedy during treatment; limitations of surgery and Ayurvedic treatment

FAQ - Piles - Fistula -plonidal sinus - Kshar sutra

Which is the best fissures treatment / medicines?

Fissures are totally curable by combination of Ayurvedic herbal & Homeopathic medicines. In some cases with severe spasm may need anal dilatation.

Does the pain & bleeding always indicate fissures?

No. You may have these symptoms in piles, fistula or cancer.

When anal dilatation is required in fissures?

When the brain holds the anal sphincter tightly due to pain for a very long period, the patient needs anal dilatation to cure fissure. This spasm makes anal canal stiff. So to regain the elasticity of anal sphincter dilatation is required.

Can fissure be operated in OPD without ?

No. Be Aware of quacks in many cities of India who pretend to cut fissure. As anal dilatation is required to release spasm, it can’t be done without anesthesia.

Does patient need to visit clinic daily for dressing after anal dilatation ?

No. The quacks who pretend to dilate anal ring by using anesthetic ointment. For that they call patients to visit for daily dressing. This may help some patients for some time. But it is not proper method for complete cure.

What will happen if patient continues stool softener to avoid anal dilatation?

Use of stool softner is just temporary provision to remove stool from swollen anal ring. It can reduce friction which ultimately reduces pain. But it can’t dialate anal ring. Also overuse of laxative can make intestine dry and habitual.

Will the liquid diet help fissure?

Not always. Take all type of food as per your appetite only. Eat only when you are hungry & drink water only when you are thirsty. Also the quantity & proportion of liquid & solid food is important.

Does kshar sutra treatment is helpful in fissure?

Kshar sutra treatment is not for fissure. It is helpful in fistula, pilonidal sinus and piles.