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Acne Treatment


Acne (Pimples) is an inflammatory affection of sweat glands. Acne(Pimples) in its mildest form is red, pointed and slightly painful to touch. It may vary in number from one or two to several hundreds, scattered over the nose, cheeks, forehead, chest and back. In its next stage, it may contain pus and when squeezed between the fingers, the pus and blood gets discharged.

Causes of acne

  • Main cause is the hormonal imbalance (especially due to hormone testosterone).

  • Gastric and hepatic disturbances associated with constipation.

  • Some cosmetics, local irritants, some varieties of soap.

  • Lack of cleanliness.

  • Exposure to heat and cold winds.

  • Debilitating causes too rich or insufficient food.

  • Stomach or uterine derangements.

  • Onanism or sexual excess.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Drink adequate water (about 4 to 5 liters per day)

  • Wash face 4 to 5 times a day only with tap water and twice with gentle face wash.

  • Avoid spicy, oily food, fast food, fermented food , bringer, etc.

  • Avoid any ointment, chemicals, cosmetics, or any local or house made products

  • Try to take 7 to 8 hours sound undisturbed sleep

  • Try to keep yourself away from stress.

  • For the Physiological Disturbances (like hormonal, dietary, gastric problems, oily skin etc.) take proper ayurvedic treatment.

Treatment of acne

Ayurvedic medicines are given to purify blood & reduce heat . Also herbal face packs makes the skin healthy & glowing. To cure permanently, this treatment is followed by Panchakarma (Virechana or Raktamokshan) as per patient's body constitution

We have treated patients from many cities in India like Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, New Mumbai, Satara, Kolhapur, Sangli, Solapur, Panvel, Khopoli, Ahmadnagar, Shirdi, Kankavli, Shrivardhan, Ratnagiri ( Maharashtra ), Kolkata ( West Bengal ), Delhi, Ahmadabad, Rajkot ( Gujarat ), Banglore, Udupi, Hubli, Gulbarga ( Karnataka ), Hyderabad ( Telangana ), Panaji ( Goa ), Hisar ( Haryana ), Pathankot ( Punjab ), Chennai ( Tamil nadu ), Jamshedpur ( Jharkhand ). Also patients from Dubai ( UAE ), Toronto, Vancouver ( Canada ), Las vegas ( Nevada ), Atlanta ( Georgia ), San Francisco, San Jose ( California ), Boston ( Massachusetts ), Seattle ( Washington ), Phoenix ( Arizona ), Michigan, New Mexico ( All from USA ), London ( England ), Melbourne, Perth, Canberra ( Australia ), Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Philippines are cured.

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