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Fistula in ano - Causes | Symptoms | Treatment Without Surgery

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  • Don't waste time & money on medicines
  • Kshar sutra treatment is non surgical treatment in Ayurveda
  • No antibiotics. No hospitalization. No bed rest
  • Cure Without Surgery in Pune
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History of fistula

This disease is said to have existed about more than 4000 years. In spite of the tremendous developments of modern medical science in surgery, to cure fistula-in-ano is a challenge for medical world. The Father of surgery ' Sushrut ' explained this disease & its permanent cure 4000 years before. The types, causes, symptoms of bhagandara ( fistula) & its treatment explained by Sushrut Maharshi is working till today. It proves the stability of the divine knowledge of AYURVEDA.

What is Fistula in ano?

The word fistula (in latin) means flute, pipe or tube. Anal Fistula is an abnormal tube like passage (communication) between the interior of the anal canal (or rectum) and the outer skin surface around the anus. One opening of the fistula (Internal opening) is inside the anus (or rectum) and another opening ( External opening) is on skin surface around the anus. A tube like structure ( Fistula track) connect them. Many times perianal abscess or anal infection is the first symptom.

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Symptoms of anal fistula

  • Persistent sero purulent ( sticky) discharge of pus and/or stool from the external opening near anus
  • History of recurrent swelling & abscess on buttock
  • Itching & moist feeling in the anal area
  • Pain in the lump on buttock
  • Flatus (gas) escape from external skin opening
  • Many times perianal abscess or anal infection is the first symptom before formation of anal fistula

Causes of fistula in ano

  • Lack of cleanliness in anal region
  • Ignored fissure can get infected and get converted into fistula
  • Spicy & fast food habits , sitting job
  • Improper drainage of ischio rectal abscess
  • Can cause as a complication in Abscess, Tuberculosis.(T.B) , Cancer , IBS ( Inflammatory bowel Syndrome), Ulcerative colitis , Crohn's disease

Diagnosis Techniques for fistula in ano

  • Fistula track probing
  • Fistulogram
  • MRI
  • Endorectal ultrasonography

Types of fistula in ano

  • Low anal (75%)
  • High anal (8%)
  • Subcutaneous(5%)
  • Anorectal (7%)
  • Sub mucous (5%)

Types with reference to Sphincter

  • Inter sphincteric (64%)
  • Trans sphincteric (30%)
  • Sub mucous(5%)
  • Extra sphincteric (1%)

How to cure fistula in ano permanently ?

Fistula treatment is a challenge for modern medical science. Antibiotics & advance surgeries can not assure the removal of fistula track & infection. In our Pune clinic, we are proud to say that we have cured those patients who were not cured by advance repeated surgeries. Any drug of any pathy ( ayurvedic, homoeopathic or allopathic ) can control the fistula infection but can not cure fistula completely. So do not waste your time & money in the hope of some miracle.

Fistula Treatment in Ayurveda

In our clinic, in India we treat fistula in ano only by Kshar Sutra treatment. This treatment is the best alternative for modern surgery techniques. Ksharsutra treatment is now replacing all complex surgeries for all types of fistula with great success rate.

We have developed different probing techniques for each type of fistula. Using appropriate technique, kshar sutra is inserted correctly in the fistula track. The success of the treatment depend on two things - quality of kshar sutra & its correct insertion in the fistula track. We take care of both. This herbal thread is changed after every 7 days. Duration of treatment is 4 to 8 weeks. The duration & cost of the treatment depend on the length & stage of fistula. No recurrence , no daily dressing required , no hospitalization required , no bed rest and can resume his / her routine work within few hours .

Thus anal fistula & recto vaginal fistula can be cured permanently without surgery in our clinic in Pune (India).

We have treated patients from many cities in India like Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, New Mumbai, Satara, Kolhapur, Sangli, Solapur, Panvel, Khopoli, Ahmadnagar, Shirdi, Kankavli, Shrivardhan, Ratnagiri ( Maharashtra ), Kolkata ( West Bengal ), Delhi, Ahmadabad, Rajkot ( Gujarat ), Banglore, Udupi, Hubli, Gulbarga ( Karnataka ), Guntur ( Andhra Pradesh ), Hyderabad ( Telangana ), Panaji ( Goa ), Hisar ( Haryana ), Pathankot ( Punjab ), Chennai ( Tamil nadu ), Jamshedpur ( Jharkhand ). Also patients from Dubai ( UAE ), Toronto, Vancouver ( Canada ), Las vegas ( Nevada ), Atlanta ( Georgia ), San Francisco, San Jose ( California ), Boston ( Massachusetts ), Seattle ( Washington ), Phoenix ( Arizona ), Michigan, New Mexico ( All from USA ), London ( England ), Melbourne, Perth, Canberra ( Australia ), Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, Sweden, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Philippines, Sudan are cured.

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Importance of Kshar sutra treatment

Due failure in existing surgical techniques modern surgical experts are always searching for new ( so called ) advance techniques. But ksharsutra treatment is giving results since 4000 years if used scientifically. This proves the firm knowledge of herbal ayurvedic science.

Actually all modern surgical & medicinal techniques are just to remove the existing infection in the fistula track. But the ksharsutra treatment in Ayurveda has much more thoughts beyond that. This herbal therapy not only removes the infection but also helps human body to create new healthy tissue naturally. The quality of this tissue is so miraculous that it will not get infected easily. So in our clinic in Pune we are able to cure fistula patients without antibiotics

* Fistula can be cured permanently without surgery.

* You can avoid surgery by this natural way. It has low recovery time & high success rate.

Read our patients' experience of this treatment on testimonial page. Click to see our success stories in patient's own words on YouTube.

Is there any home remedy to cure fistula ?

Patientt should not waste time and money in the hope that there is any home treatment / remedy which can cure fistula automatically. Healthy diet, proper cleaning can help body to heal the wound partly. But can not cure fistula in ano.

Diet and routine activities for fistula treatment

From the day of Kshara sutra threading procedure, light diet is advised. Patient is also advised to take plenty of fluids, blend diet, green vegetables, salad and seasonal fruits. Avoid non-vegetarian, spicy and fermented food. Do not strain during defecation. Sitting in warm water is useful for cleaning & pain relief. Take a walk at least 2 kilometers per day.


Many patients wander here and there in search of any doctor or medicines to cure Fistula and often waste their time, money and energy by getting trapped in the misleading advertisements, quacks etc. Fistula-in-ano is curable by kshar sutra treatment. Most of the patients ignore this disease till they feel large abscess & severe pain. Advance medical surgeries & antibiotics don't assure 100% cure at first surgery. Sometimes, if fistula is due to tuberculosis then Antitubercular therapy can work to heal it.Beware of quacks and false claims, advertisements like those of injection treatment, herbal treatment etc. seen commonly in media. They can harm your health and can lead to complications like anal incontinence. Don't try home remedies.

Surgical Treatments

As modern is unable to cure fistula, they always try invent new techniques for it. Here is short information of other techniques availale in the world.


Excision (removal) of the fistula track & then allowing it to heal by granulation.

Cutting seton

If the fistula is in a high position and it passes through a significant portion of the sphincter muscle, a cutting seton may be used. This involves inserting a thin tube through the fistula tract and tying the ends together outside of the body. The seton is tightened over time, gradually cutting through the sphincter muscle and healing as it goes. Once the fistula tract is in a low enough position it may be cut open to speed up the process or the seton is kept in place until the fistula is completely cured and the seton eventually falls out.

Fibrin glue injection

This is a method explored in recent years, with variable success. It involves injecting the fistula with a biodegradable glue which should, in theory, close the fistula from the inside out, and let it heal naturally.

Fistula plug

This surgery involves plugging the fistula with a device made from small intestinal submucosa. The fistula plug is positioned from the inside of the anus with suture.

Advancement flap surgery

This is a procedure in which the internal opening of the fistula is identified and a flap of mucosal tissue is cut around the opening. The flap is lifted to expose the fistula which is then cleaned and the internal opening is sewn shut. After cutting the end of the flap the flap is pulled down over the sewn internal opening and sutured in place. The external opening is cleaned and sutured.

LIFT Technique

LIFT (ligation of inter sphincteric fistula tract) procedure is based on secure closure of the internal opening and removal of infected cryptoglandular tissue through the intersphincteric approach. Steps of the procedure include - incision at the intersphincteric groove, identification of the intersphincteric tract, ligation of intersphincteric tract close to the internal opening and removal of intersphincteric tract, scraping out all granulation tissue in the rest of the fistulous tract, and suturing of the defect at the external sphincter muscle.

Fistula Laser Closer ( FiLac )

A flexible, radial emitting laser fiber is inserted from the outside and positioned exactly by using the pilot beam. The infected tissue is destroyed in a controlled way by laser and the fistula tract collapses.

Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAAFT)

This is technologically the latest surgical treatment available for Fistula-in-ano. Under anaesthesia, a small telescope is passed through the outer opening of the fistula-in-ano on the skin. This is connected to an HD-camera which transmits the image of the inner side of the fistula tract to an HD- monitor. Under vision, the whole length of the fistula tract is removed up to its internal opening which is present inside the anal canal on its wall. Any branching of the fistula tracts can also be identified and treated by this method. The internal opening is then closed using a stitch or a stapler so that stools / feces do not leak back again into the fistula tunnel. Daily dressing is gently done by just flushing with saline using a syringe to remove the dead tissue inside the healing fistula tract.

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