FAQs about Fistula in ano

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♦ Does every abscess always become a fistula?

→ No. There is no perfect way to predict the future of an abscess. There is more than 60% possibility of becoming abscess in to fistula.

♦ Can fistula be healed automatically?

→ No. Due to the structure of fistula, it always holds stool particles and other infection. Though the external opening closes automatically or by any medicine, the infection continues to growth and will burst out from external opening.

♦ Is fistula curable by medicines?

→ Any medicine ( antibiotics, ayurvedic herbal or homoeopathic ) can control the infection but they can't assure to cure fistula permanently.

♦ Can surgery cure fistula?

→ Search for modern surgical techniques in the world itself tells about the failure rate of their previous techniques. Inspite of very high failuer persentage, modern surgical techniques are followed in huge number all over the world.

♦ Can ksharsutra treatment cure fistula permanently without antibiotics?

→ Yes. Though we have high success rate (more than 90%) for fistula cure, we don't claim 100% success in each and every case. As most of the patients come after multiple failed surgical attempts, it is not possible to understand and repair surgical damages done during previous attempts. Antibiotics can reduce / control infection, but can't assure complete cure.

♦ Can kshar sutra thread change be done during menstrual cycle?

→ No. Appointment will be rescheduled and shifted after monthly menstrual cycle.

♦ What is the importance of ksharsutra treatment against surgery in fistula treatment?

→ Ksharsutra treatment in fistula can be done under local anesthesia & patient is discharged within an hour. Here no cut or stitches are taken. Patient must come once in a week to change the medicated thread. The herbal coatings of the thread helps body to remove infection and to creat new healthy tissue. The wound gets healed without antibiotics. Just normal dressing is required. No need of hospitalization or bed rest.

♦ Is ksharsutra treatment similar to seton used by surgeon?

→ Not at all. Don't misunderstand Ksharsutra treatment. Seton is not a treatment. It's just an attempt to avoid blockage of fistula. There is no medication in applying seton. On the contrary, Kshar sutra is a medicated thread which removes the infection and helps body to creat healthy tissue.

♦ Is there any possibility of incontinence after ksharsutra treatment as the thread cuts through sphincters?

→ In our 18 years research, we have observed that the thread cuts the sphinctes slowly and helps body to creat healthy tissue. So due to slow cutting and simultaneous healing, the sphincters will not lose their strength and there is very rare possibility of any damage. Patients with low immunity due to any disease or weak metabolism, may have complications due to slow healing.

♦ Is Ksharsutra treatment very painful?

→ As the medicated thread has cutting and healing action, pain will be there. We have modified traditional Kshar sutra treatment to be a less painful. Our patients say that the pain of Kshar sutra is very less as compared with surgery. This pain is manageable by pain killer tablets.

♦ What is the cost of Ksharsutra treatment?

→ In our clinic, we calculate the cost as per complexity and length of the track. So it can vary from case to case. Doctor will tell you cost after actual examination in our clinic. This can't be discussed on phone call.

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Written by Dr. Prasad Bapat